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NS01) How to Prepare and Plan your Negotiation

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How to Prepare and Plan your Negotiation

This is not a sales programme. It is useful for anyone. Everyone has a chance to practice the skills they are learning in carefully developed role-play activities. There is a lot of opportunity to review performance and identify specific skills.

Course Objectives:
EXPECTED OUTCOMES: How to prepare and plan your negotiations.
The structure of the negotiation process and how to take control.
The importance of preparing objectives and variables from a number of perspectives.
The key questioning and presentation aspects of negotiation.
How to deal with dirty tricks.

Course Content
We define Negotiation and we describe the negotiation process.
We look at Games Theory and the concept of Win: Win outcomes.
Our first role-play is called Roll Out The Barrels. The keys to this role-play are preparation and the use of variables.
We review any outcomes achieved and the observers from each role play look at what outcomes could have been achieved if the negotiators had thought in broader terms, and from the perspective of the other side.
We review negotiable variables, questioning skills and the five Ps (Proper Preparation Prevents Poor Performance).
The second role-play is called the Car Sale. The key to this role-play is the use of variables to present an attractive case.
We review the outcomes achieved with what was potentially possible.
How you might overcome tactics and dirty tricks.

Intended Audience:
Anyone involved in negotiations, whether as a buyer/seller or with employees. In addition, anyone involved in a goal setting environment will also benefit.

Workshop details
Duration: 2 days
Time : 9.30am to 5.30pm
Venue: Company Premises (Inclusive of Notes,) for more details

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