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LS01) How to build Leadership in me
LS02) How to be a Team Leader and a Team Player

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LS01) How to build Leadership in me
We explore each characteristic in turn. We look at examples of great practice in real life, the theory relating to each, and deduce a set of rules to apply in each area. In the teamwork section we ask you to take a simple psychometric test that explains how you will tend to behave as part of a team, and the way most of your colleagues will also tend to behave. This valuable tool enables you to better understand your personal leadership style.

Objective :
We focus on how everyone can be more effective. This means that you spend time thinking about your own skills.
Each section during the day (there are eight) ends with an action plan, so you leave the day with a specific set of strategies that you can implement immediately.
The day is not theoretical. Throughout the day we give practical examples of successful businesses and individuals. We ask you to think of how you can apply lessons learned from these examples into your own situation.

Workshop content
What it is that makes all great leaders great - a small set of eight skills or qualities that they all seem to share.
What do you already have in the way of leadership skills and qualities?
How to use the skills you have better.
How to overcome your relative weaknesses.
How to lead for the long term.
How to get everyone in the team pulling together quickly.
How to motivate, communicate, and get people working effectively in teams.
We look at the various theories of leadership and their limitations. We then explain the Leadership model. Our model consists of intrapersonal (this means the way you talk to yourself) qualities:

Courage and integrity

Focus on objectives
Self belief and self knowledge
and interpersonal (the way you talk to others) behaviours:
Effective communication
Attention to individuals

Visible commitment
Remember - every section ends with an action plan. Our intention is not simply to understand the theories of leadership, but to plan exactly how you are going to implement these theories back in the workplace.

Intended Audience:
Leaders (whether they are leading small teams or large businesses) who have lots of experience and want to refresh their skills or learn theory for the first time Or Those people who are just moving into leadership roles who want to know where to start.
This workshop is equally good for project team leaders who need to pull a group together quickly.

Workshop details
Duration: 2 days Time : 9.30am to 5.30pm
Venue: Company Premises

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