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Success begins with Learning, Training & Mastery
Experience PURE Adventure for groups and families
Our most popular river trip with clients returning year after year to test their skills against mother
natures mood.
Victoria Highlands Adventure - International groups
Exquisite wilderness, Australian wildlife & stunning scenery.
40km of Whitewater thrills in Crystal clear mountain water.
Aboriginal and 19th century mining heritage.
Australian fuana and flora

All inclusive package-Professional Equipment Snacks, Breakfast and lunch / dinner all provided
for your journey.

Incorporating - student exchange programme, team building, confidence building, communication
skills and educational tours.

Visits to Schools, TAFE, Universities OR a place of your interest can be organised

We are also specialised in Holidaying English for students, adults, teachers,and corporates.
Adults or Families - Minimum Per Group - 10 persons
Meeting Point:

Bookings Essential:

Request for quote
We customise our Adventure program to meet your needs
Email to us info@humberlincoln.com
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Enjoy the thrill of whitewater rafting, abseiling, horse riding, wine trail, 4wheel drive, scenic ride by lightweight aircraft, meandering through speedboat ride and many other activities. We bring thrilling and learning experiences closer than anyone else.
We also provide specilised programs in bushfire ecology, forest regeneration, water managemet, river management through site visitation...
Getaway Adventure for groups (minimum 6 person)
Adventures for Educational Institutes
Secondary Schools, TAFE, Colleges, Universities
(Adventure programs can be customised.)
1 to 3 day EduAdventure
(incorporating Eco awareness, survival in the nature, confidence building, team
building and most important discovering about yourself.)
5-day Edu-Adventure for International students

(incorporating Eco awareness, survival in the nature, confidence building, team
building, students exchange, educational tours and more)
Corporate Adventure Training
(Customised approach in Corporate Training)
1-day or 2-Day Adventures incorporating wholistic training
(Incorporating - Team Buildingm, Communication, Confidence Building, Managing
All adventure includes Whitewater Rafting